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CUB SCOUT Pack 180

Tiger Cub LogoTiger Cubs

Tiger Cubs is a program for boys in first grade and their adult partners. It allows the boy and adult to build strong relationships with each other, the rest of the family and other members of the Tiger Cub group.

The program is built around a series of monthly program themes called "Big Ideas", such as "Know Your Community", "Fitness and Sports", and "Discover Nature and Energy". Each month, a Tiger Cub and his adult partner plan an activity for the group which fits in with that month's Big Idea.

Tiger Cubs are invited to attend all pack meetings and receive beads for wearing their Tiger Cub uniforms. Tiger Cubs are invited to participate in all activities that the other boys are in (e.g., Pinewood Derby, Raingutter Regatta).

During the 1996-1997 year, Pack 180 has 16 Tiger Cubs. In the fall, these boys will join Wolf Dens and will begin to work on their Bobcat badges.

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