Bobcat Rank

Bobcat Requirements

For second through fifth graders the very first rank every boy must earn is the Bobcat. ( First graders = Tiger Cubs, Bobcat rank is the last item in there hand book of Big Ideas to be completed for graduation to Wolf ). The purpose of the Bobcat rank is to teach every new Cub Scout the following items:

1.The Cub Scout Promise- learn not just the words but there meaning as well.

2.The Law of the Pack- learn not just the words but there meaning as well.

3.The meaning of the Secret Word "WEBELOS"

4. The Cub Scout Sign and its meaning.

5. To show the Cub Scout Handshake and know its meaning.

6.The Cub Scout Motto.

7.Give the Cub Scout Salute and know its meaning.

8. With your parent or guardian, complete the exercises in the parents guide How to Protect Your Children from Child Abuse. This guide is in the front of every Cub Handbook.

When the new Cub Scout has learned the above listed items he will have earned the Bobcat Badge. He then continues on to his rated rank according to age and school grade.

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